The magnet at the end that didn’t push away or connect was odd I thought. Could be a scam. They are a dime a dozen

In a world where billions of people serve Lucifer, I choose the other side. I look to creation in it’s perfection to know that nothing didn’t create something. There is an intelligent design among everything and the laws of YHWH are laws that makes people decent human beings. There is no weird kinks of drinking blood or sacrificing kids. It’s about saving the kids, the widows, the broken and providing for the weak. I see nothing wrong with keeping a set of laws that breed life. But thats me and whats amazing about our Creator is our free will to choose who and what we serve, if anyone. For me and my house, YHWH is the way forward.

in reference to spiritually, , this may be an argument one could to use, , Descartes says , I THINK THEREFORE I AM, it is the I AM, that keeps it spiritual.

i don’t think that is right.

Heavy-handed contact? Anyone has definition for that lingual monstrosity?rnWho decides where light-handed contact ends and heavy-handed contact begins?

"No!" "Sorry!" WHAT kinda shit is THAT?...........

Imagine being upset about not being able to kill babies..If Jesus doesnt return soon no flesh will be spared

My favorite is the guy dropping behind the trunk before a shot even comes his way.

I’m definitely old enough to remember this but for some reason I don’t. This wasn’t part of our history class in elementary school.

People love her!!!

As I read said caffeine is a pestilence! Poison! No doubt! Toxic! Any poison will make your heart race cause your body is being poison and goes into a flight or fight mode when you consume poison! a neutral response that is why you get the boost!! Then crash latter...drink some more get vaxxed 2 fukit..... Goodluk.

Always been going on no doubt look up this book the book = the poison needle by Eleanor mcbean! Proof when it started! All vaccine are poison!

She ask why?? Simple cause the people are brain dead sheep!! Thats why!! Msm mind control tell lie vision! !

Here we go.... California’s largest private landowner closes all forestlands to public indefinitely

What is the Hitler "satire" clip lifted from?

Such a great video..thank you!

They all need to be lined up against the Masonic brick wall.

Just joking my foot. WHO in their right mind would even joke about something like that on TV?? Demons everywhere.

Just joking Hollywood World. .......NOT

Corrupt by design hit the nail on the head, they all need to be arrested and tried for crime’s against humanity.