You can’t say anything which the media deems negative about Zionist Jews, the Biden Administration now allows citizens of Israel to travel to the US without Visas, they probably won’t get examined by Homeland Security either, that’s just what we need more Jews in America to hasten the fall. Regarding your comment about all those in DC and white coats being hanged, and then saying I hate to say it but it’s the truth. Famous environmentalist and oceanographer Jacques Cousteau once said I hate to say this, but in order to save the planet 350,000 people a day need to die, so much for our false idols.

ive been uploading some videos from here to rumble they generally dont censor too much from what ive seen

Calling the kettle black, are we Jason? Where was that free speech premise when you banned me from commenting on your videos because you didn’t like what I had to say? Just a simple question is all.....

And how about you providing us with just one scientific paper where some researcher has completed all 4 steps of Koch’s Postulates in proving the existence of a contagious pathogen? You can’t, because it doesn’t exist.;

Why did you (the idiot) give up your guns? Do you ever have anything constructive to add to these conversations? I see you still continue to ignore the evidence I’ve presented to you regarding contagion. Some people (if that’s truly what you are) simply cannot be reached.

All this b1tching in here about property. Private Sectoris foreign alien non-State federal franchise pirates because the lack of.interest in public law has sunset Rights accorded through lawful means of the Coinage Act. Sonur tendered a federal nomination of currency tonSecure local State property without filing urself a Land Patent with BLM, or a Civil Procedure Rule 44.1 Political Subdivision at County Registrar of Deeds, have u even filed ur Court of Competent Jurisdiction miscelaeous Case File in United States District Courthouse? Legal Names are Artificial Personages, while given names of a natural man correspond to ur natural person and rights thereto. Mining Claims are the towns on the map that have outlasted the fall of the Union err United. And what makes u think u would ever accomplish anything on land with all the satelite DEW overhead? Learn2Subway.

I wish this video didn’t promote that controlled POS Martin who says you’re crazy if you think the Rothschild’s had anything to do with the scamdemic. This even though they were granted a patent for the BS19 test kits in 2015, almost 5 years before the "discovery" of the fake "virus". Nope, he claims it’s the insurance companies behind it, You know, the one’s paying out up to 40% more in deaths benefits since the roll out of the FrankenVaxx. He has a Tattoo of the "Eye of Horus" Illuminati tattoo on his left shoulder.

They are all freemasons and they are here to serve themselves, just ask Senator Bob Menendez.

Targets and victims of directed energy weapons

right exactly

Been saying for years so called nuclear weapons are BS and are nothing more than FEAR PORN for the masses who are morons

Damn, and I can’t even order a Hawaiian pizza now without it being burnt.

They are corrupt as shit and everybody knows it. There are no genuine patriots left in America. Look at just today. Foreigner tried to shoot up another church full of white people. Guarantee you the feds are behind it. And who runs the fed. Them fkn long nosed juuuuuus.

The American Heart Assholesiation, as well as the American Cancer Promoting Society, have been begging for money for many decades, and yet it appears that the problems they promised to solve are worse than ever, and always have been. So now, what is the solution being put forth by this international quackery? Send more money and see your doctor once again, because the solution to this great mystery is, as usual, just around the corner. Strange how these people who have so many years of education yet aren’t half as smart as anyone who uses an alternative media education to come to a decisive conclusion, a plan of action, and a solution that makes sense for them, and that solution is a simple.... DON’T. Don’t cooperate with the modern medicine killing machine, don’t believe what they say, and do your own thinking.

The trans argument cannot withstand good old fashioned logic. The trans either talks themselves in circles or up against a wall.

Why do idiots stay in America? It seems that if you knew all this you wouldn’t want to be the idiot that ends up with nothing? But your the germs don’t exist shill so why even ask you?

You gotta forgive this idiot Jon...he is SLO. Any moron that calls the most censored site on earth a honey pot is an idiot. A honey pot would be a place that was inclusive of all. This place is censored everywhere. You can’t even type in 153news on YouTube without getting hit into the blackness. Back to bitchute Jon...tell them about your honey pot theories.

IS THIS RACISM? British Telecom CEO Firing Whites, Hiring Non-Whites to ‘Hit Diversity Targets’ and ‘Pocket £220K Bonus’

You cannot own anything, you’ve never paid for anything in your life, you’ve always used fiat currency to discharge the debt. Unless you’ve paid with gold or silver, you have no equity in it, hence, you can never own it: it belongs to the state.

ahhh so its not MAGA anymore but MASA instead ??? LoL. goodness. I see ...