I grew up with family who dressed and acted like this! And trust me it did not end well with none of them! Suicide,aids,depression, then most likely hell bound if no repentance from sin.... Sad! Very sad lives they had! And they tried to push their agenda on me as a child how sick!! Thank God I never went that route or id have nothing but regrets! No doubt!! Demonic possession no doubt! This statement is not judgement! Its just facts!! Sex is lust not love! Lust of the flesh! Is sin! Flesh is weak! Very! Some spirits are strong some are not willing to do Gods will not mans will. Prayers needed!for all !

Demonic possession!!!

The birds out side are starting to bark now wtf!

Wtf! Now my dog thinks he is a cat!!!

Circus coming to town! Please don’t feed the zoo animals!

Satan Claus is coming to town!

Please look into the Nord Stream 2 Pipe Line that got, Blown-Up!

Going to Mars? We can’t go to the moon....matter of fact, have we been to space? Lol - I agree with a few points there.

Hi - here’s a few sample videos, please enable video uploads, thanks! ---------- [ ] [ ]

reading the script , they are all Puppets on stings, Imagine if trump read the same script.


The round earth in the background right off.... hmmm. worth watching? Lol I’ll guess not at all.....................

Too cool 4 school

ya like this will happen

I’m not gay nor queer, but who is one to judge another? Is it not in the Constitution that we have a right for happiness. Your so fckn bored, make videos on this crap I can’s stand watching men dressed as woman. Just can’t , but its a right.

No it’s a Johnson & Johnson syndrome and all their brethren in the pharmaceutical industry, they are all responsible for the covid vaccine rollout.

Big deal... I used to burn people houses down with them in it and slang on the block on security mission! Straped up! But I no longer listen to nwa music nor most music in fact and stopped being hoody along time ago its not a life to live! Christ has changed my ways for the best cause I was headed no where acting like satan! am I perfect now? No! But I see right and wrong and try to be a more christ like person! Try! But my flesh is weak! My spirit is willing! If jew Peters changed only God knows! Our hearts..I prays we all repent and change our ways! Hell is real!

Listen to your local news and the MSM, and they will say they promote inclusiveness and diversity, they are saying we support this agenda which you have exposed here without actually saying it. Michael Savage once said on his radio program that diversity is perversity.