Normies Question Baldwin Hoax Dots-MIRROR

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I haven’t dived into this Baldwin hoax because I just don’t have the time. I never thought for a second that event was real just based on what I’ve seen on how they handle hollywood shooting scenes and props. When I saw the title of this video I thought it was worth my time to watch, and it was. These guys probably don’t realize the entire event is fake, nobody died nobody injured. However, these guys found a whole bunch of "Dots" that we’ve seen in the many fake shooting events over the past 10 yrs and connected, and it all ties back to the Eric Holder press conference where he wanted Americans to think a whole different way about guns. Just as Holder was tied to Sandy Hoax, his press conference coincidentally applies to this Baldwin hoax.

The channel that uploaded this video is called "America’s Untold Stories", and can be found here:

John Schneider, aka Bo Luke from Dukes of Hazard, is on Youtube posting numerous videos on how stupid this story sounds and how this event doesn’t follow any protocols that are used throughout the industry (especially the one about treating all guns like they are loaded and NEVER point a weapon at a person). He even points out the fact that everything is CGI now, and that no movie/TV production would allow any live ammo on the set. John also mentions that the media keeps spinning the tale that this was a "PROP GUN", when that is totally impossible because prop guns cannot shoot. I recommend watching Jonh Schneider’s videos on this event if you think this is a real shooting.


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